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Steam System Steam Boiler (oil- / gas fired)

In contrast to a steam generator (with heating-coil and piston pump), our system works as follows:

Controlled by the water level measured inside of the evaporation system, the centrifugal pump refills the feed water via the economizer.The burner is controlled by steam pressure. A multiple-pass pipe transfers the burnt-gas heat through the evaporation system and to the water inside. Additionally, the economizer transfers residual heat from the exhaust air to the feed water stream. The special inner structure of the evaporation system provides best dry steam results.

Steam System Steam Boiler

Steam System Steam Boiler – Advantages

  • High fuel efficiency, due to utilisation of exhaust gas energy efficiency up to 97%

  • Combines the advantages of a shell boiler with that of a quick steam boiler

  • Robust construction (6 - 8 mm thickness pressure vessel)

  • High safety standards due to the compact construction and safety devices

  • Easy operation: turn on, regularly blow-down, turn off

  • High quality construction  due to the application of industrial standards to all components

  • 20-year spare part warranty

  • Master Slave control for the management of multiple boilers (optional)