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Tube-in-tube (monotube) twisted tube heat exchanger

M-TubeThe M-Tube is a tube-in-tube heat exchange system used where conventional heat exchange systems fail, e.g., for high-viscosity fluids, liquids with a high solids load, mash, fruit pulp, cellulose pulp, textile fibers.

Depending on the hydraulic or thermal requirements, the M-Tube is made with

  • hard
  • medium
  • or without

pipe embossing.

M-Tube heat exchangers can also be service-fitted in spaces or systems to which access is difficult.

As separate modules or in fully welded design, the M-Tube can be adapted to local conditions.

Floor, wall or ceiling mounting the heat exchanger is made easy by mounting brackets, which are available extra.

The spiral embossing of the heat exchanger causes swirls to be introduced in the media flow which
a.    improve heat transfer by up to 30 %
b.    substantially reduce or prevent deposits on the surface
c.    and improve the mechanical stability of the heat exchanger.



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